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YOB -- Phoenix, AZ -- September 18th, 2012

Oh ... doom metal never disappoints !!
Awesome show ! hands down for these guys . This is my second time seeing them last time the set was a bit longer but this time was just epic nailing every note on each song . I got there a little bit early And got *to see NORSKA *(YOB 's bass player plays in it ) it was the third band of the night , they were good *their set was about 40 minutes I *don't have the set list since I'm not very familiar with their music.

YOB *started at 11 pm , they were supposed to play for 2 hours but they play 1:45 mts, The opening song was "ball of molten lead" great opener sets the mood for the entire night *I believe they are opening with "prepare *the ground " or "burning the altar" . I was really looking *forward *to hear "ATMA" I don't really know if they are playing it *but, they put up an amazing show everytime *, my brother went to the Chicago date and he recorded the show they were *as *epic there * too!!!*
Mike was selling *the merch (they didn't have shirts only cd's and LPs)
I talked to all of them ,great guys very humble dudes they signed all my CDs!!
I asked mike if they were ready for the next record and he said that they *just want to tour Atma a little bit more and then they'll go back for another one, However I asked the same to Travis (drummer ) and he said that they have a couple songs on the works nothing finished but that they will definitely will keep the ball rolling.*

Here it is:*

1 . Ball of molten Lead
2. Prepare the Ground
3. A Drift in the Ocean
4. Upon the sight of the other Shore
5. Burning the Altar
6. Quantum Mystic
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