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Agalloch - Pale Folklore

It was hard for me to pick a favorite Agalloch album, all of them are great in their own way. The Mantle has my favorite atmosphere, Ashes Against the Grain has some of the coolest songs, and Marrow of the Spirit has some of the best songwriting. But to me, Pale Folklore is a great combination of all of those characteristics. As an added bonus, the album has some of my favorite guitar leads and riffs. She Painted Fire Across the Skyline Pt. 1 and Dead Winter Days are perfect examples. Pale Folklore is especially good for being a debut and no doubt one of the best Agalloch albums.

She Painted Fire Across the Skyline Pt. 1
Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
Dead Winter Days
__________________ - 2015 available for download (name your price)
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