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Super Nintendo and PS2 for me!

Super Nintendo is what I was raised on. I would play it before and after school every day. Ken Griffey Jr: MLB is still the best baseball game ever! I always look for SNES consoles on Amazon wanting to re-buy it, maybe one day I will be able to relive my past!

Notable Games:
- Batman Returns
- Megaman X series
- KG Jr: MLB
- Donkey Kong series
- Super Mario World
- Mortal Kombat series
- Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past

Then there is the PS2, not only did it come out on my birthday, but backwords compatiable with every PS1 game!? YES PLEASE! This system seriously revolutionized video games for me, and made me truely love spending hours upon hours doing nothing but shooting people or slaying dragons. My friend would bring his over when we would have sleep overs, I'd bust out the second TV, and we would just game all night!

Notable Games:
- MGS2 & 3
- WWF (yes, F) Smackdown series
- GTA series
- Final Fantasy X (and VII a lot, thnx Backwords compatibility!)
- Frequency
- THPS series

I miss those days of gaming
Everything now just is not as enjoyable as the old systems, and honestly, I blame achievements/trophies.
I was a late bloomer for getting into N64 as well. The only games I really ever played a lot were the WWF games as well as Goldeneye, but only at my friends. Wish I could play all the classics on their original console.
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