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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
1. Being a casual fan is much more cost-effective
When I was a kid and I heard a song I liked, I had to buy the whole album. Yes, sometimes this would lead to a good discovery, but more often than not it was a waste of money. Nowadays you can choose your songs a la carte. You get what you want without the unwanted chaff.
2. Greater access to artists
Social media has made it much easier to keep in touch with your favorite bands. You can find out about tour dates and release dates within minutes. You're never out of the loop. Before the internet, if you didn't have any friends who were into the same bands as you, you were pretty much screwed.
3. Artists have more freedom
Want to do a digital-only album? Pay-what you want? Special pre-order bundle? Artists not only have more/easier ways of getting their music out there, but they also have more ways to offer their music to fans.
1. This is a very good point, but then you have the casual fans that ONLY want to hear the singles/popular songs and don't even give the rest of the album/discography a chance. I would much rather buy a whole album and risk having shitty songs than just limit myself.

2. This is very true, it is far easier to keep in touch with the bands you like, and easier to find out new bands as well, which is always good. At the same time however, it leads to a ton of douchebags/elitists. It isn't bad to discover new and undergroud bands at all, as I am in an unsigned band myself, but when people use that as their advantage to make them seem more TR00 and KVLT, then it is just pathetic. I don't care if you downloaded NEKRO HROTHGAR SVARTOREO's new demo that they recorded on an answering machine, I haven't heard of them, nor care for shitty quality music.

3. Can't really add much more to this as you hit the nail on the head. You don't need a record label to be known anymore with sites like YouTube and ReverbNation and the right people supporting you. It's great to just upload a few songs, have them for free to sample, then leading fans to want more, and buying an entire album.
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