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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post

This year is the first time since the first leg of the Test For Echo tour in 1996 that Rush is doing an all arena tour in North America. Since the summer of 1997 every North American Rush tour took place during the spring and summer, so they played amphitheaters at just about every show since then. There have been a few arenas here and there but 95 percent of their shows played over the last 15 years have been outdoors.
This tour isn't even all arenas. In Tampa specifically, they're playing the same ampitheater that they always play, and they're also playing an ampitheater in Alpharetta two days before. Kiss and Aerosmith have also each played the same amp the last time they have each come through.

Don't know if I'd go to this. Like others mentioned, I don't wanna pay $50+ to get shitty nosebleeds, and I know the other prices will be above what I'm willing to pay. It'd be fun, but I'll probably have to save my money.
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