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I definitely have not posted about this in a while. We're in the middle of recording a new EP which is going to be WORLD'S better than the first one released. Much more post metal influence, and I'm kicking myself for saying that we were "djenty" when I first posted that. We are not about that at all anymore, not like our music really reflected it much in the first place. We went on our first tour in late July/early August, and we're going out again in December for a few days & in January for 14-15 days. I'll post all that stuff when it gets confirmed. I really am not a huge fan of our first release, and seriously am very proud of the way the new EP is sounding and I can't wait until it's available for everyone to hear.

Anyway, if anyone is still interested in listening to the old EP, you can download it free on bandcamp or buy a physical copy on our bigcartel. I put all the links below. Thanks for reading if you are!

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Bandcamp -
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Twitter - @cryptodiraband
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