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I hope Lawler never comes back. Ross and JBL are such a huge step up on commentary it's not even funny. It won't last though, since it's more important to Vince to have Lawler's bland useless commentary and pickering with Cole then actually putting over the wrestlers and making everything seem important.

JBL did more to build CM Punk in two shows than Lawer or Cole have done in the last year. That's how you do commentary, you build up the wreslters and you make what they're doing sound like the most important event in the world. That's how you get the crowd to buy into everything. JR and JBL know how to do this as good as any commentators ever have. It's a shame it won't last though, Night Of Cahmpions and RAW had such an exciting and fresh feel to them because of the change at commentary. JBL absoultely owned both shows and his commentary made you wanna watch.

I love how JBL also went into some of the wrerstlers history and brought up their past accomplishments. Not only their accomplishments in WWE but he also mentioned what Sin Cara won in Mexico and what Tensai did in Japan. That's how you make the wrestlers credible, run down every accolade they've gained in their careers no matter what organization it happened in. It might actually get fans to care a little bit more about the performer in the ring, imagine that?
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