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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post

Death Angel- I met Mark Osegueda before their show in Santa Clara in 2011 and talked mainly about the tour with him. I mentioned that I was the guy he pointed out at their SF show who yelled "chug chug chug" and he got super excited and said he remembered me. My buddy also was doing a paper on the bay area thrash scene for a class and Mark happily gave him a few quotes to use. I talked to Ted Aguilar during one of the opening bands and we talked about the tour and his time in the band, he was also a very cool and laidback dude. I ran into Will Carroll after the show as well and he was super tired and in a hurry to load stuff up, so he didn't really want to talk much. I later met the whole band at a signing in LA before the Anthrax show and they were all super jolly and nice. I reminded Mark about me being the "chug chug chug" guy and everyone started laughing because they all remembered that and got super excited and stoked to see someone from the bay at the show. They all yelled "chug chug chug" as I walked out of the signing area haha. At the show I ran into Damien Sisson like twenty minutes before Death Angel went on. He remembered me from the signing and we talked about how he and Will joined the band and how the tour was going. He was also super outgoing and nice.

jelly. I'd love to be able to meet them, let alone do all that haha
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