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Saint Vitus -- Atlanta, GA -- September 18th, 2012

We were in for a bit of a surprise tonight as Vitus flew in Chris Lindersson all the way from Sweden in order to perform C.O.D in its entirety. You know, 20th anniversary of the disc and all...

Just kidding.

Here's the set:

Blessed Night
I Bleed Black
War Is Our Destiny
Let Them Fall
The Bleeding Ground
Living Backwards
Look Behind You
Clear Windowpane
The Troll
The Waste of Time
White Stallions
Dying Inside
Born Too Late

Now, "Thirsty & Miserable," "Saint Vitus," and "Mystic Lady" were all written on the setlist, but were all skipped. So maybe they will be played in other cities.

Chandler babbled quite a bit in between songs, and was quite perturbed when someone was ejected from the venue when a pit broke out (started by Wino, believe it or not, jumping down from the stage), in the middle of "White Stallions". Wino forgot the 3rd verse of "War is Our Destiny."

I caught the very end of Weedeater, but they're not really my thing. Sourvein purportedly played as well, but I don't know anything about them.
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