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Originally Posted by Henryperezrocks View Post
my friend promotes shows here in bay area..and got michael.
it is another tour with robin..and rumored to play more mcauley schenker stuff!!!

October 4th
Rodeo House, San Jose, CA
Mcauley Schenker Group

^^also was told this is the first show of tour
Oh, you're a friend of Mike Beard's huh? I've had some very interesting interactions with that dude haha. He's a nice guy who definitely loves bringing touring acts to the South Bay, but I really don't like how he puts the same five bands that his friends play in on every single bill. Two bucks says that Angerhead, Skinner or Mudface are one of the openers!

If I have nothing going on that day I'll be at the Key Club show. Dude tours all the time and with his other better known singers usually.
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