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Just played Leon's demo. I like the new inventory system and the way you can switch weapons and items, they really made it simple and quick here. You can interact with just about everything but it surprisingly felt simple and nothing got in the way. I underestimated the play through at least, I was quick to dispose of all of my ammo since they gave me so much but there is a huge amount of zombies. I actually didn't hate it as much as I thought I did but the demo showed that Leon's story is really not as horror aimed as earlier footage tried to show. My biggest complaint was actually the camera, it's way too close to Leon's back and I didn't find any way of adjusting it, hopefully there is in the full game.

EDIT: Chris's gameplay was pretty much just a Gears of War wannabe. There's this mini boss that even looks too ridiculous to be from Resident Evil.

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