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I'm bored so I'll throw in the musicians I've met.

Steve "Zetro" Souza- Met him twice, once at an Armored Saint show in 2010 and at the Death to All show last June. Super nice guy, and happy to talk to fans no matter how nerdy they get (aka me two years ago). Also didn't talk shit about anyone, even when he was baited by some assholes.

Armored Saint- They did a signing at the show mentioned above. I ran into Joey Vera before and he apologized for moving the signing until after the show and was super stoked to see my La Raza LP. All the guys ended up checking it out and talking to me about it at the signing. Gonzo Sandoval even drew a little snare drum on the cover and John Bush happily personalized it even though I had to spell my name letter by letter for him.

Chuck Billy- Met him at a Halford concert two years back. I again fanboyed out because I still hadn't met a lot of musicians yet, but he was being really bugged by some older fans who wouldn't leave him and his wife alone and people baiting him for photos, so he wasn't in that great of a mood. He still talked to me for a little bit though and told me that Dark Roots of Earth (he obviously didn't refer to it by name then) was set to come out in Spring 2011. That obviously didn't happen haha.

Cormorant- I met Arthur at Slim's a couple weeks back and introduced myself as Justin Weis' intern. I think that made him happy to see someone who knew Justin and we talked about him for a bit, then I mentioned that I write for Metal Assault and asked if he would like to do an interview. He said sure and got everyone together after their set (after some Spinal Tap like backstage maneuvering haha). The interview was really fun- it was more like a transcribed conversation than an interview, but I think I managed to answer a lot of lingering questions at the same time. We all then talked about audio engineering, metal journalism, Billy Anderson and Justin Weis for a bit longer and they were all really really cool to me. Arthur's wife is also super sweet and made sure I could fit into the shirt I bought before she took my money.

Don Anderson from Agalloch- Very, very sweet guy. He hung out on the floor minutes after their show in SF last August and signed anything that fans wanted autographed. We talked about Marrow of the Spirit for a bit and about Justin Weis, who mixed and mastered the album. He also pointed me in the direction of Billy Anderson who engineered Faustian Echoes (and a fuckton of other amazing albums like Dopesmoker) and did the live sound on the last tour.

Billy Anderson- Nice guy, but seriously weird as hell. We talked a bit more about Justin (I literally came straight to the show after working at Trakworx that day) and about audio engineering careers and whatnot. He told me not to go to Full Sail University because they would steal all my inheritance.

Aesop Dekker from Ludicra/VHOL/Agalloch- Also met him after the Agalloch show. Cool dude, very laid back. We talked about working for Justin, VHOL and Ludicra for a bit. He said I should go say hi to John Cobbett but I got lazy and wanted to go home.

Charlie Benante from Anthrax- I ended up getting to do a drum duel with him and another kid at the Metal Masters Clinic in LA last April. He was very chill and honest with me when I asked him a bunch of Anthrax questions (they're pretty much never gonna play Gung-Ho again ) and we talked about Van Halen oddly enough haha.

Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick from Megadeth- Also at the Metal Masters Clinic. We talked about the American Carnage tour mainly, and about how I was at the SF show where they played My Last Words. Both were real friendly. As we were talking Phil Anselmo walked down and pretended to punch all of us and then said what's up haha.

Dave Lombardo from Slayer/Philm- Met him at the Metal Masters Clinic and also talked to him briefly at Slaughter by the Water. Dude tried to get me a pair of sticks after the drum duel but security booted me out of backstage before he could get me a pair. At SBTW I talked to him about Metal Assault and Andrew Metalhead for a bit, but he was setting up for soundcheck for Philm so he was in a hurry and couldn't really talk a whole lot. I think he's a cool dude to talk to when he isn't occupied with something, but if he's busy he can kind of come off as a jerk. He and Andrew were pretty good friends while he was still in LA so I know he's a good dude.

Lips from Anvil- The first time I met Lips was two years ago after an Anvil show in SF. It was a big crowd so he was super cheery and talkative. I met him again after seeing the band play in LA a year later. The police were blocking the band's van from getting out of the Sunset Strip, so he wasn't in a good mood at all. He still signed stuff for the kids though.

Impaled- The funniest fucking dudes I've ever met. Ross Sewage had a zinger for every question I asked him, and he and Sean McGrath are the perfect comedy duo. I exchanged emails with Raul Varela frequently when we were going over interview stuff and he was super nice and understanding when Metal Assault ran into some hiccups with the interview. I also talked audio engineering stuff with Jason and he had some very kind words to say about the interview when I asked him if there was anything I could improve on a few days afterward.

Death Angel- I met Mark Osegueda before their show in Santa Clara in 2011 and talked mainly about the tour with him. I mentioned that I was the guy he pointed out at their SF show who yelled "chug chug chug" and he got super excited and said he remembered me. My buddy also was doing a paper on the bay area thrash scene for a class and Mark happily gave him a few quotes to use. I talked to Ted Aguilar during one of the opening bands and we talked about the tour and his time in the band, he was also a very cool and laidback dude. I ran into Will Carroll after the show as well and he was super tired and in a hurry to load stuff up, so he didn't really want to talk much. I later met the whole band at a signing in LA before the Anthrax show and they were all super jolly and nice. I reminded Mark about me being the "chug chug chug" guy and everyone started laughing because they all remembered that and got super excited and stoked to see someone from the bay at the show. They all yelled "chug chug chug" as I walked out of the signing area haha. At the show I ran into Damien Sisson like twenty minutes before Death Angel went on. He remembered me from the signing and we talked about how he and Will joined the band and how the tour was going. He was also super outgoing and nice.

Matt Harvey from Exhumed- I ran into him after their set at Summer Slaughter last month. It turns out he and I have both lived in the same area of San Jose so we talked about the area for a bit, talked about the Napalm Death/Municipal Waste tour, a bit about Metal Assault and the current tour (dude said it was a clusterfuck).

Exodus- Gary Holt is at every other show in the Bay when he's not touring, so I used to see him around a lot. He's always been super engaged when I've talked to him and holds nothing back about his opinions. A few of my friends are close with him and his family and he apparently throws crazy parties haha. I've met Tom Hunting a couple times, once at the Bonded By Baloff show last March and again at a AC/DShe and Hell Fire show last Friday. He was super shy when I approached him as a fan, but when we were just hanging out backstage with friends he was really social and happy to talk drums with me for like 20 minutes.

Heathen- Dave White is one of the nicest dudes ever. I met him two years ago after an Exodus/Heathen show and I guess he wasn't used to meeting young fans at the time, so he got really excited and we talked about Heathen for a bit, went out of his way to learn me and my friends' names and what part of the bay we came from to see the show. I later met him again at the Bonded By Baloff show and he actually remembered me from two years ago and signed my Evolution of Chaos LP. He then asked me to be the first to autograph a notebook he bought for his fans to sign! I then ran into Kragen Lum at the merch booth and he was nice as well and pointed me towards Darren Minter and Lee Altus after signing my cover. Darren and I talked drums for a little bit, while Lee was busy with his friends and just signed my cover. A buddy of mine met him at another show and said he was talkative though, and he always invites kids up onstage to play his guitar when Exodus or Heathen do a big jam ending.

Paul Bostaph from Forbidden/Testament/Exodus-Met him at the Bonded By Baloff show. We talked Blackgates (his main project at the time) and his drumming on The Formation of Damnation for a bit. I didn't feel like bugging him for long, so I took off after a couple minutes. He was cool to me when we did talk though.

High On Fire- I met all those guys at a show in Santa Cruz a year ago. Jeff Matz's sister in law was my (awesome) boss for about a year, so we hit it off right away. Des Kensel seemed kind of crabby and just signed my Death is this Communion LP cover and walked off. Matt Pike talked with me and my friends for a little bit about Sleep, guitar and some other stuff and signed my LP cover without me even having to ask. Dude bailed super quick when one fan got really creepy and wouldn't let go of his hand after shaking it haha.

Holy Grail- Eli Santana is super talkative and nice- we chatted about Exodus and Armored Saint from what I remember. James Paul Luna is a lot quieter (I think he does it to save his voice) and didn't really talk a whole lot.

Vektor- I talked drums with Blake Anderson at the LA show in January or February and I interviewed David DiSanto recently. Blake is really nice and David's kind of an oddball haha. He's real nice too though, and posed for photos and signed a ton of stuff after the show.

YOB- I met Aaron Reiseberg and Mike Scheidt after their show in Berkeley a year ago. They're both the sweetest dudes in the world (Mike is a heavy metal wizard teddy bear) and signed all my stuff and talked to me for a good while and made sure to learn my name. My poster with their awesome signatures and doodles is hanging over my computer right now.

I've also met and hung out with a lot of smaller bands over this summer like Hatchet, Fog of War, Hell Fire and Witchaven. When I hung out with Witchaven at a friend's house it was like 4 in the morning and we just got super serious and talked about the economy and life as a working musician. This was all while they were passing around a bong haha. The Hatchet dudes are all buddies of mine and they've always been super chill to hang out with. The Fog of War dudes are all really laid back and fun, and the Hell Fire guys really know how to party haha.
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