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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

The most people were there during Accept and the beginning of Kreator. Kreator's wall of sound probably drained a lot of people and they started to filter out. An okay turnout for a Sunday night, though.
I don't think the sound quality had anything to do with the crowd starting to diminish half way through Kreator. You're right, most people were there during Accept... this just proves that 'those' people were not there to bang their head or enjoy some REAL metal.

I too wish there was more of a crowd. I'm glad there were some fellow metalheads to help start up a pit, Kreator deserves no less than what we provided.

Maybe next time I see Kreator I will be lucky enough to catch them with Morbid Angel and Nile?? Yea, that's the tour that Europe is getting. I envy the Euro metal scene!! The coasts aren't too bad either, but most big name metal acts scare away from KC. Probably because of people too insecure to have a good time a metal show.

Overall I had a great time, and it sounded fine to me. Metal always sounds better from where you are suppose to hear it... THE PIT.
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