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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I don't say it enough, awesome stuff man. i will definitely be checking this one out when I wake up later today.
Says the guy who's set to interview Lamb of God when they do their headlining tour! But seriously though, thanks so much dude. I can't wait to see the stuff you've got up your sleeve with all the fall tours coming up, I think we're both gonna be super busy in the next two months haha.

This is my last interview with a smaller band from the bay for a good while now that I'm returning to LA next week. We have so many good bands up here that I feel like not nearly enough people know about. There isn't really a national metal press outlet in the bay, so I'm happy I at least got to give these bands some notice on a larger scale though I'm sure a lot of people got sick of these interviews haha.
Skeletonwitch/Ghoul - 9/23
Saviours/Hazzard's Cure - 9/28
Raven - 10/20
Satan/Slough Feg - 10/25
King Diamond - 8/31
Judas Priest - 11/16

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