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Alright, here's an interview I did with Hell Fire, a classic/traditional metal band from San Francisco. These guys are probably my favorite young group coming out of the bay right now, every member is just awesome at what they do and they're all the sweetest guys you could ever meet. Their bassist is also Cliff Burton's Mexican doppelganger haha. Gary Holt is almost always at their shows and is pretty close with Tony, Hell Fire's guitarist. Aesop Dekker also recently plugged the band in his blog, Mark Osegueda wore a Hell Fire shirt in Sacramento and is having the band open for Death Angel in Oakland next month. I really think these dudes are gonna be successful in the coming years. Check out some of their live videos on YouTube (like the one embedded in the interview), their EP on Facebook doesn't do them justice one bit. Even those videos aren't a perfect indicator of their awesomeness since they just had a ridiculous new guitarist join the band.
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