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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
2. Greater access to artists
Social media has made it much easier to keep in touch with your favorite bands.
Forget favorite bands, the internet has not only raised an awareness of an underground from decades ago thought to be long since forgotten, but has put them in the goddamn mainstream stores of America.

I remember discussing Under The Sign of the Black Mark with Brady and looking it up on Amazon at the time only to discover the cheapest copy was over 100 fucking dollars. Now Blood Fire Death is available in FYE for 9.99. Fucking new copies of Manowar albums are available in FYE now!

Martin Popoff, in his latest edition of his record collector's guide to the 80's, but out a fan polled top 100 best metal albums of the 80's list. He posed that the question would probably never be asked again because the answer would likely be the same in 2005 (when that edition was published) as it was in 98, 01 or 03. Bands like Kreator, Bathory and such were in the lower 90's but that's because nobody really knew who they were. Now you've got half of Kreator's audience being mankvill's age and old timers at Slayer shows shitting their pants because they see boys half their age wearing Overkill shirts.

I mean Christ, you have Decibel interviewing the guys from Warlord: a band so fucking obscure the only musical release they ever was a goddamn video soundtrack. Furthermore, thanks to blogpsot I have a goddamn demo by Tormentor, an 80's black metal band who's claim to fame is their singer joined Mayhem, and that the demo would have been turned into an album but Euronymus was killed before he could.

You want to know how much the internet has changed music? 10-12 years ago you were afraid to think negative aspects about Slayer's weakest albums. Now schmucks like me say Darkness Descends shits on Reign In Blood from a mesospheric height with no consequences.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
When it comes to music, I can't see why you would want to live in any other generation then the one where you can easily access music from any era for free.
This too. People look at my taste and probably go "You would love to have been born in 1961." Fuck no! Just because 90% of my musical taste comes from the 70s and 80s doesn't mean I would want to live there (though I wouldn't mind a brief time travel to shack up with some groupies at Van Halen concerts ).

Also also. I never in a million years thought Vinyl would ever become fashionable again. Vinyl was that goofy shit your parents listened to while slow dancing and watching Banana Spilts. I thought fucking 8-tracks and cassettes would make a comeback before that. Now you have machines that rip mp3's from vinyls. DAFUCK?!?
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