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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Cool review and perfect Cattle setlist! Dat new album
All your SFU comments are spot on. Personally I think they still have a decent following cuz it's just a bunch of Barnes elitists who'll never like the newer Corpse cuz it's Barnes-less. Sad really cuz SFU just sounds awful. Last year at Summer Slaughter while I was waiting in line to go to the restroom after Darkest Hour's set some guy was praising SFU and saying how all the bands after them didn't deserve to be higher on the bill, I told him he was wrong. Seriosly BDM wipes the floor with them. Anyways douche ended the convo by telling me I'm too young to understand and that my music taste is inferior. I just chuckled cuz he was so serious.
Thanks man. Sucks you and Scott couldn't come. I also get the feeling a lot of Six Feet Under fans are not well-versed in death metal and think they are supposed to like the band just because Chris Barnes is the vocalist.
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