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Man, I agree with everything, especially #3. I love the variety of forms music is available in these days. Artistic bands present their music in artistic packages. The widespread use of bandcamps is very fan-friendly, and they're often managed directly by independent artists and not necessarily labels, giving bands a variety of ways to promote/offer/sell their music.

But I think it's the best time ever to be a music fan for more than just consumer purposes. Music is better right now than it's ever been. Especially post- the turn of the new millennium. The artistry is there. The innovation is there. Bands and genres are feeding off each other and the creativity just seems to be thriving. I used to be depressed because there were seven notes on the scale, excluding sharps and flats. With a finite number of notes, you can only achieve a finite number of chords, scales, etc. When people talked of "new music," I assumed it only sounded new to them because they hadn't listened to much music or didn't care much about music. However, after studying some of the modern-era composers like Brian Eno and John Cage, I realized that many more combinations are possible when adding in different variables, like symmetry, dynamics, and in Cage's case especially, the exploration of sound itself. Now, people are pulling apart beat patterns and sound waves and rearranging them into unique sounds never before created (unless they had synthesizers and computers in the past and we didn't know it).

And we've seen metal branch off in so many directions, I feel like there's constantly something new to be looking for. And that's a great feeling.

Yeah, music is in a good place right now. 

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