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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Nope, Nightwish does it the old school way. Only one opener and they get about 40-45 mins and then the headliner comes on and give you a real headlining show that lasts about 1hr and 45mins. More bands need to get back to this. Enough with all these package tours that have too many fuckin bands on them. Quality over quantity is the way to go.
While I agree that package tours need to stop and that headliners should really BE headliners... I still think Kamelot should be playing a little longer. Considering they can headline a US tour on their own and have so much material to represent, I think an hour would have been totally justified. Not at the expense of Nightwish's time, but just in addition to it. Especially considering I'm pretty sure the grand majority of people going to this tour are there for both bands.
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