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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
The crowd reaction for Manhattan Project was basically the same as it was for all the other 80's era songs that weren't Force Ten, Big Money, or Subdivisions. That being that alot of the crowd didn't seem too interested.
That's kind of sad. If people don't know this stuff it's their own damn fault. I know most of the first set aren't hit singles, but with the exception of Far Cry every other song getting played is off of albums that went gold and platinum in the US. So it's not like they're playing songs that weren't on successful albums.

I've been going to concerts for so long, you would think the fact that a lot of people only come for the radio hits wouldn't bother me anymore. But for some reason it still pisses me off now. With the internet there really isn't any excuse as to why someone can't educate themselves about a band they're going to see and what they'll be playing.
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