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KISS -- Mansfield, MA -- September 16th, 2012

4th time seeing Crue & 2nd time seeing KISS. Solid way to end the weekend.

Completely missed the opener (The Treatment) because I've found that if I show up late to this venue, I get out of the parking lot stupidly quick. Originally had Section 7, Row M. Upgraded to Section 2, Row X for 10 bucks. Most excellent.

Crue played from 745 to 905. I think since Vince fucked up his foot & can't run around everywhere, that his voice actually benefited from it. Didn't sound half bad. The band sounded great, as always.

1. Saints of Los Angeles
2. Wild Side
3. Shout At The Devil '97
4. Same Ol' Situation
5. Sex
6. Don't Go Away Mad
7. Home Sweet Home
8. Drum Solo
9. Guitar Solo
10. Live Wire
11. Primal Scream
12. Dr. Feelgood
13. Girls Girls Girls
14. Kickstart My Heart

KISS hit the stage at 935 and played until 1055. They tuned to D for the first time ever on this tour and I found that it gave the songs a new growl. War Machine sounded downright fucking evil. Awesome set. Nice little surprise at the end as well.

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. I Love It Loud
4. Firehouse
5. Hell Or Hallelujah
6. War Machine
7. Shock Me
8. Tommy/Eric Duel
9. Bass Solo
10. God Of Thunder
11. Love Gun
12. Lick It Up
13. Black Diamond

14. Got To Choose (TOUR DEBUT)
15. Rock N Roll All Nite

Side note
Michael Sweet from Stryper was sitting in the row in front of me and Senator Scott Brown was sitting in the row behind me. Met both of them in between sets and both were really nice.

Excellent night.
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