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I'm guessing that since Higher Than Hope was played at the show before this, there's a good chance it was played here to. But since you went to the show, that's your job to know not mine I've heard that Anette sounds amazing singing that one.

I don't get why they dropped The Crow, The Owl and The Dove and are still doing The Islander? The bird song is a much better choice and they're not supporting DPP now, it's time to put The Islander to rest. It's cool to see The Escapist get played but since it was a b-side and was only released on the live album they came out with, I wonder how many people actually know the song? At least it's a better choice than when they played While Your Lips Are Still Red the last time I saw them. Talk about putting a crowd to sleep, at least The Escapist rocks and won't do that.
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