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Vektor -- Washington, DC -- September 16th, 2012

Cosmic Cortex
Black Future
Tetrastructural Minds
Echoless Chamber
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Outer Isolation

Short set due to venue running late + booking a later event (show was over at 7). That said, I arrived in time to chug a PBR and watch Battlemaster, who killed it. Also the venue was a tiny Ethiopian restaurant, it was so tiny only the drums could fit on the stage, so it was super intimate. After Tetrastructural Minds, I called out for Echoless Chamber and the frontman said something to the effect of "yeah we didn't write a setlist so call out whatever you want", so the last four songs were all requests. Totally got my hair snagged in Erik's guitar during the start of Echoless, he was really cool about it. Asking if *I'm * ok while I'm the one fucking up their set

Anyway killer show, Vektor are the kings of modern thrash hands down.
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