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Descendents -- Chicago, IL -- September 16th, 2012

Saturday at Riot fest:

I Wanna Be A Bear
Everything Sucks
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Rotting Out
When I Get Old
My Dad Sucks
Silly Girl
I Like Food
Nothing With You
Clean Sheets
Get The Time
Thank You
Suburban Home

The day as a whole was pretty meh; The Story So Far was fucking brilliant, Dropkick Murphy's were really fun, and Descendents were freakin' amazing, but other than that I was kinda bored. August Burns Red SUCKED HARD, terrible sound and everything. They seemed to have a good stage presence but I got bored watching. GWAR was like, being GWAR. Seen it before, whatever. Coheed and Cambria was pretty cool, but it was like the same set I saw back in 2010. Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, and the Gaslight Anthem were alright.

Descendents were so tight live, sounded awesome. I hoped for a bit more off Milo Goes to College or I Don't Want To Grow Up, but anything they played was awesome. Crazy crowd, especially for the old songs. For All-o-gistics, they brought out some kids that were related to the band members and had them list off the commandments of that song. Totally worth sittng around all day after The Story So Far! They had a couple shirts, and a sweatshirt that I got that had the Milo logo on the back. Great show.
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