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Kamelot -- West Springfield, VA -- September 14th, 2012

Went to see Kamelot and A Sound of Thunder @ EMPIRE last night. We missed Cassandra Syndrome. Kamelot sounded GREAT, that new Tommy is a fitting replacement. I was rather rowdy during the show and was surprised I got any decent photos.

Alissa from the Agonist did backing vocals for Kamelot. I want to like her, but every liver performance has been underwhelming...

Full Review with photos
(this was 4/4 of the shows I saw this past week)

Sound of Thunder (8:40- 9:17)
  • Tubular Bells intro
  • queen of the damned
  • Night Witch
  • the maiden's fate
  • Calat Alhambra
  • Murderous Horde
  • Guitar Solo
  • Out of the Darkness

Kamelot ( 9:40 - 11:03)
  • Ghost Opera
  • Soul Society
  • Center of the Universe
  • the Human Stain
  • Rule the World
  • EdenEcho
  • When the Lights are Down
  • Drum Solo
  • Season's End
  • Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) (with Alissa from The Agonist)
  • Keyboard Solo
  • Forever
  • Bass Solo
  • Karma
  • March of Mephisto(with Alissa from The Agonist)

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