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36 Crazyfists -- Sandusky, OH -- September 15th, 2012

It's been over a decade since I went to the same tour 3x. In 2001 I was at Taproot/Nonpoint/Drowning Pool 3x. In 2002 I went to the Primer 55/Sw1tched/The Step Kings tour 3x and also Sevendust/Nonpoint/Mad At Gravity 3x. This was my 3rd show of the 36 Crazyfist BITTERNESS THE STAR 10th anniversary tour, and it was well worth the trip!

The 1st band I saw was Pendulum Dowsing. They were OK.

Next up was another local band called Lost 4 Now, and they were absolutely fantastic! Check em out!

Know Lyfe was up next. I was surprised how many people knew their songs. They must've played in Sandusky a few times before. They really got the crowd going.

Straight Line Stitch took the stage next. A lot of people were there to see them, and their set was excellent!

Straight Line Stitch setlist:

Never See The Day
Laughing in the Rearview
Taste of Ashes (w/ Alfonso from Know Lyfe)
Sound of Silence
Bar Room Brawl
Tear Down The Sky
Black Veil

36 Crazyfists headlined. This was their 1st ever show in Sandusky. The room was relatively full for their set, and the crowd went bonkers for them the entire night. The crowd's energy made this show the best of the 3 shows on this tour that I have seen by far! I met a guy who drove from Philly to go to this show and another guy who flew in from London. THAT, my friends, is dedication. They were at the venue for soundcheck & said that 36 CF did "Destroy the Map," "Aurora," and "Installing the Catheter." Maybe that means those songs are on the setlist for their next tour. I can't wait to see 36 CF again!

36 Crazyfists setlist:

In The Midnights
We Gave It Hell
I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
The Heart and the Shape
Turns to Ashes
One More Word
An Agreement Called Forever
Slit Wrist Theory
Two Months From a Year
Circle the Drain
With Nothing Underneath
11/20 MH
12/5 Texas In July
12/12 Heartsick
12/19 np
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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