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Been developing a taste for beer lately. I picked up one of those make-your-own-six packs and tried these:

-Hoegarden: not nearly as good as Shock Top or Blue Moon, imo

-Leffe: A Belgian "blonde" ale. Distinct taste, I dig it.

-Brooklyn Lager: Meh, not my thing at all. Then again I don't like lagers. Remember that site, where you enter a band and it tells you what to drink while listening to it? Well, all the grind bands I named gave me Brooklyn Lager, so that's why I wanted to try it

-Magic Hat #9: Holy shit this is good. At first you just have a pale ale, but then you get this apricot aftertaste which is just amazing. I'd love to get a pitcher of this

-Magic Hat Elder Betty: I've never had anything like this. calls it a Hefeweizen, from southern Germany. Anyway this is without a doubt my new favorite beer
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