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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
PPV predictions sounds like a fun thing to do every month.

-Cesaro just won the title and it looks like the WWE might be trying to do something with him, so he won't lose the belt this soon.

-It looks like Layla and Eve will be the next feud for the belt so there's no reason for her to lose it here. Plus, how hot Layla is should be reason enough for her to keep the title until she retires.

-I think Miz is gonna get fed to Ryback eventually and that's who he'll drop the title to.

-Bryan and Kane as champs will give it that spark they need, not to mention give instant credibility to the tag titles.

-I know Ziggler should win this but he won't since the WWE has a history of treating some of their money in the bank winners like shit before they push them. This will be a very good match, too bad the right guy won't win.

-Please just fuckin end this awful feud already. Sheamus and Del Rio have put on some good matches with each other already and this should be no different. It's just the storyline has gotten really dumb now and it's time for both of them to move onto something else. Hoepfully Sheamus can start something with Wade Barrett or Ziggler after this. Tuning Orton heel and having him feud with Sheamus isn't the worst idea in the world either.

-Punk will drop the belt to Cena eventually

-Overall, it looks like it will be a good card. At least we don't have to see Triple H crush the momentum of a rising star like he did at last years NOC when he beat Punk and completely fucked him over.
I'm down for predictions every month. Also I agree with all these points here. You're Big Show point is pretty good, never thought of that actually. Good way to turn Punk full heel.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Kane/D-Bry is a hard call. Thety could win it, but a WWE house show for here is advertising Kane vs D-Bry in a cage match
Probably made that before current storyline or just a dark match.