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Awesome review. I haven't listened to Royall Thunder's new album, but I'm definitely going to since you're singing their praises.

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I admit, I didn't recognize the cover song when they played it, but their merch guy confirmed it for me later. It was interesting, but short. Four or five minutes, max.
Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
Gloomy Sunday was actually on Pallbearer's 2010 demo
Yes, correct. That's why I said if they'd played "The Legend," you would have seen their complete recorded discography to date. They have 6 songs. Plus whatever new material they've written. That demo is actually really good, and for a long time I thought Brett's vocals were much better on it than on Sorrow and Extinction. If you listen to it you'll probably see what I mean. Anyway it is:

and I possess one of the 66 copies of it.

Pallbearer is supposed to be back late this year or early next. He didn't know the routing yet, but he told me the headliner. However, he swore me to secrecy on it. Let's just say it's a band who will be touring the new album that was either recently released or will be soon, so it wouldn't be that hard to make some educated guesses.
My guess is Darkthrone. They have an album coming out in February, and Pallbearer is the perfect opening band for them. I'm already super stoked for this.

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