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Kansas -- Bethlehem, PA -- September 14th, 2012

Was originally planning to not go to this show, but a friend of mine called me at like 3pm and said a friend of his had a pair of 2nd row tickets that were just going to go to waste, and asked if I wanted them. Since it was all of 15 minutes from home, I said of course and went.

King's X:
01 Shot of Love
02 The World Around Me
03 The Big Picture
04 Dogman
05 Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
06 A Box (Extended)
07 Over My Head
08 Go Tell Somebody

01 Intro / Instrumental (?)
02 Paradox
03 Point of Know Return
04 Song For America
05 The Wall
06 Hold On
07 Dust in the Wind
08 Can I Tell You
09 Journey From Mariabronn
10 Miracles Out of Nowhere
11 Portrait (He Knew)
12 Fight Fire with Fire
13 Carry on Wayward Son
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