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Great show, easily one of the best packages I've seen in years, and the Primordial set was one of my top 5 all time...incredible.

The WHW set was:
Vast Oceans Lachrymose
The Furthest Shore
The Drowning Years

The Primordial set you have is correct but they also played Gallows Hymn immediately before The Coffin Ships...

This is what I'd written on another board regarding this show:

Either of the 3 'main' bands (Primordial/While Heaven Wept/Vektor) would get me to drive 3 hours for a show, so last night was a no brainer.

Nemesis started off the evening with a nod to the Toxic Holocaust/Municipal Waste school of new-thrash. The three piece tore through their set, with their exuberance somewhat smoothing their rough edges. So-so for me, but one in our group loved 'em-- bullet belt, white high tops, festooned denim jacket and all.

Cormorant were a bit of mystery going in-- I hadn't heard of them until a few weeks ago when this show was announced. I picked up their recent "Dwellings" album and gave it some cursory listens but wasn't immediately sold. About 1 minute into their set I was hooked-- progressive 70's mellow vibe stuff coupled with blackened recent Agallochisms stretched into long flowing passages-- great stuff. I immediately picked up their other 2 releases following their 3(?) song, 30 minute set. This band definitely deserves some more time...

I've been a fan since the shortened version of "The Drowning Years" appeared on Knuckletracks 45 back in 2002. Around this time (as well as on the same compilation), various DC folks and Unrestrained! Magazine's Adrian Bromley started touting the incestuously-related band Brave. Simultaneously, Tom "Plomerus" Phillips' drive-by doom postings on the BW&BK Braveboard regarding doom's 27 sub-genres and mandatory listening made me even more interested. Sadly, it was also in this era that I learned that North American While Heaven Wept shows were only more rare than said band's recorded output to date...I figured they'd be "one of those bands" that I'd never see...

Last night marked the 3rd time in the last year I've had the opportunity to see them-- all in different cities, in different roster slots, and the mainstay (besides "Vessel" always bringing the house down)-- is HOW FUCKING INCREDIBLE THEY SOUND, regardless of venue-- modern small theater, suburban sports bar, or dank shit club. Being up near the front did make Rain's vocals and Michelle's harmonies a bit difficult to hear, but everything else was seamless. Being near Jim Hunter's bass cabinet is also a treat-- that guy is a monster-- sadly his watch-me-fly-all-over-the-place showcase of "Thus With a Kiss I Die" was not in the set last night, but still...

Due to time constraints I'm guessing (Vektor being an add-on for this show), the final show in the "Fear of Infinity US Tour 2012" had no songs from said album included in the set, which was about 40 minutes long:

Vast Oceans Lachrymose
The Furthest Shore (the complete song)
The Drowning Years

I love these guys. Their 2 albums have been among my favorites from the years they were released. They sounded awesome. They looked awesome. Their Voi-Vod meets Destruction thrash rules. But you know what? After the path taken by Cormorant and While Heaven Wept, I honestly wasn't in the right place for them last night. Any other night, who knows? I watched the entire set from midway back, as well as from the bar. I will always chuckle when thinking about what I'll remember from them most-- David Disanto's mouth-only-visible-through-mountain-of-hair, screaming a mid-80's Schmier scream. Awesome. Just not the right time for me...

Incendiary. Assault. Violent. Dunno how else to say it-- Primordial put on one of THOSE shows-- one you'll never forget-- about a third of the way through their set, I turned to my buddy and said, "Top 5 all-time set for me...". Another in our party marked it "best set...ever".

Vocalist Alan Averill was the focal point of the night-- clad in black boots, braces, pants, shirt, and corpsepainted face-- he sauntered the stage, he thrust himself into the front row, he dove into the crowd a half-dozen times, he sang while being thrown to the stage and continued on without fail-- absolutely the most enigmatic and mesmerizing frontman I've ever seen.
At the peak of the evening, I'd imagine there were maybe close to 200 in the club-- by the end of the night, Primordial finished to about 75 people (at best) -- and still charged through the set as if they were at Wacken or Long Beach Arena. Their set, as best I can remember, was:

No Grave Deep Enough
God to the Godless
As Rome Burns
Lain With the Wolf
The Golden Spiral
The Mouth of Judas
Heathen Tribes
Bloodied Yet Unbowed
Gallows Hymn
The Coffin Ships
Empires Fall

During Empires Fall, Rain Irving of WHW joined Alan on stage and was also covered in corpsepaint, while most of the remaining members of the other bands (sans Nemesis) donned paint as well and rushed the front of the stage. When they finished, a few dozen people jumped onstage for final fist-banging, grapefruit clutching, and handshakes-- it was incredible.

One guy in our party dubbed in a night of "Metal Royalty" and was so smitten with all bands he picked up 5 shirts (one from each) as well as 2 cds. Another in our party finally recognized his dream of seeing Primordial (his favorite band of the last 12 years or so), and even said "Fuck it" and headed out to Atlanta today to catch their one-hour ass-kicking set at ProgPower USA.

Me? I will never miss another regional Primordial show if they ever make it back to the states...sadly, like I said, maybe about 150-200 people at this show-- and the ticket was $12 and featured 4 signed bands...disappointing...

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