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@NonnyMoose: DT is an interesting guess. They'd be a weird fit, maybe, but not really so different from Pallbearer than Royal Thunder was. Same with BTBAM. I'm not telling, though.

re: The EP - yes, they were selling it for $12, but I didn't catch whether that was for vinyl or CD. The CD for CVI was $15. The vinyl was $20. Don't know if that helps. Sorry for my bad memory - I am old as fuck after all.

Since you mentioned Baroness, I am reminded of somemore stuff I talked about with Josh. Apparently, RT is buds with most of the members of the Atlanta / Savannah scene, including the Mastodudes, Kylesa (whose shirt I was wearing, and Josh said he wanted one ), and of course Baizley & Co. I mentioned how scary it was what had happened to them in the UK, and he said that he believes they are all on the mend now. Everybody is home except John, he thought. He did mention that John and MLiny share e-mails regularly about lyrics & vocals and shit like that. I told him to ask one of the two to cc: me on the e-mails just so I can be a fanboy fly on the wall.

@Schmier: Never heard their demo. Should get me some o' that. Thanks for the info.

@Tregs: RT def made some converts yesterday as well - purist doomheads who would probably never have given a "happy" band such as RT the time of day otherwise, but everyone in the crowd really seemed to like them. I was glad about that. In truth, I was there more for RT than PB, but both were obviously great in their own way.
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