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Great review (again). I have probably said this before, possibly more than once, but I feel the need to say it again. I had no idea who Royal Thunder were when I saw them opening for Exhumed, and they are admittedly not really my style of music, but they absolutely blew me away. Mlny's voice is just so fucking incredible, and the way they play their songs live it just flows together so perfectly. Despite being a bit out of place on the bill, they made some new fans that afternoon; myself, XDoomsayerX, srm90, and I think elturtleboy as well, were all converted. It seems they've gained some popularity with their debut out, and I hope they continue to, because they really deserve it.

Anyway, I'm surprised they're still not playing Mouth of Fire. I thought that would be a set staple for a while, but perhaps they will bring it back some other time.
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