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Down IV Part 1 The Purple EP review + stream

Here is my review of Down - IV: Part 1 The Purple EP with a link to hear the entire ep via stream

I am pleased with IV Part 1. Its heavy but probably not as heavy as the other 3 albums. Its darker, doomier, much more influenced by Saint Vitus, Trouble, Witchfinder General than the other albums. The lead guitar work is excellent. Its Kirk & Pepper doing their thing and thats always top of the line whether it be solos, riffs or songwriting. Pat's bass adds a new sound and shakes things up in a good way. The production is somewhat more like a demo or Nola & I like that. Philip doesn't scream much but his vocals are great and this might be his strongest performance on a Down album yet. Same for Bower as far as the drums are concerned.*

Levitation - Great song. Vitus influence is strong.
Witchtripper - Good song everyone has heard by now.
Open Coffins - Good groove, catchy song, a highlight.
Timeless - Much heavier & a bit different than the demo. Solid.
This Curse - Great song. A definite highlight.
Misfortune Teller - Another great song. Most have heard it by now but the youtube versions don't sound near as good as the EP.

Levitation, Coffins, Curse, Misfortune are the best tracks imo. Would love to hear them live on the upcoming tour. The entire EP was a bit different than what I expected but it has exceeded the high expectations that I had set. When it comes to good music Down never ceases to amaze me!!! They constantly raise the bar & set the standered for everyone else. The Purple EP is awesome, probably the best album I've bought this year along with the new Baroness album.*
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