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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
I need to check out Royal Thunder again, when I saw them for free at a Scion Show they were sooo good.
Yes, you do. In some ways, they are even better live than on album. I'll explain that comment in a short while.

Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
That's a great set for them. Add The Legend to it and it's their entire discography.

You've gotta tell us how that new song was. It's awesome to know they already have some new material written... maybe that means a new album soon.

Their best song to date in my opinion. And I can't be too terribly sure, but I seem to remember not seeing it on many of their sets. I think their most commonly played songs have been Devoid of Redemption, The Legend, and An Offering of Grief... so you got lucky seeing this one. And Foreigner.
Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Go on.......
I will. I have much more info to spill, including:
  • A review (and possibly even some footage) of that new Pallbearer song.
  • Excerpts from what was essentially an "unofficial interview" with Royal Thunder's rhythm guitarist Josh Coleman.
  • Five Royal Thunder videos.
  • Four Pallbearer videos.
  • News about the new Pallbearer album.
  • News about some touring plans for Pallbearer.
  • A description of how Royal Thunder actually modified their set to be better suited as an opener for Pallbearer.
  • Footage of a Royal Thunder song that totally fucking rocks, and isn't normally ten minutes plus, but it sure as fuck was last night.
  • ...and a whole lot more.
Stay tuned. Some of us have day jobs and responsibilities and shit, ya know.
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