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Originally Posted by CreptorStatus View Post
Perhaps I need to check out their post Tarja material but from what I had heard it just doesn't sound the same

I used to want to see Nightwish soooo bad.
You should check both albums out. It doesn't all sound the same but it's not that far off from the direction they headed on Once. Anette's voice is very different, so Tuomas has changed his song writing style a little to fit her vocals but he hasn't changed it completely. Tarja could've easily recorded the last two Nightwish albums and they would've sounded fine. Just like how I believe Anette could've recorded the old Nightwish material and they would still be great albums.

Make no mistake about it, Tuomas is Nightwish. Without his great song writing the band would be nothing. As long as he continues that, the band will always be Nightwish no matter who they have on vocals. All Tuomas needs is a capable female singer to perform the material and they will be fine. He makes Nightwish, not whoever is singing.
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