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Kansas -- New York, NY -- September 13th, 2012

Too tired to type and gotta get to bed anyway:

King's X
01 Shot of Love
02 The World Around Me
03 The Big Picture
04 Dogman
05 Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
06 Over My Head (Extended, though not nearly to the extent they usually do it)
07 Go Tell Somebody
08 We Were Born to Be Loved

01 ? (Some sort of instrumental jam, again, hate to say it but I didn't recognize it, something they don't play much, if at all)
02 Paradox
03 Point of Know Return
04 Song For America
05 The Wall
06 Hold On
07 Dust in the Wind
08 Can I Tell You
09 Journey From Mariabronn
10 Magnum Opus (Full song, not just the "Howling at the Moon movement"
11 Miracles Out of Nowhere
12 Portrait (He Knew)
13 Fight Fire with Fire
14 Carry on Wayward Son

EDIT: WOW did I fuck up the title of this thread, can you tell I'm sleep deprived?

Kansas -- New York, NY -- September 13th, 2012 is the correct info.

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