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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
Damn I had the Touche Amore opening night setlist on my phone but it somehow got erased and I wasn't really planning on posting it by heart.

Let's see I know they played:

And Now It's Happening In Mine
Honest Sleep
Throwing Copper
History Reshits Itself
Broken Records

The Great Repetition
Art Official
Uppers / Downers
Method Act
Home Away From Here

Whale Belly
(another new song, they named it and I forgot what it was called , I think it's the long one from the Europe tour)

The only thing I know for sure with the order is that they opened with The Great Repetition and went into Art Official. And the end of the set was Home Away From Here > Amends > Honest Sleep > Condolences. A pretty weird ordered finale.

Show was pretty awesome. Lots of people were there solely for TA and the place just erupted when they played. O'Brother was ok, Balance and Composure are as generic as whatever genre you want to put them in gets, and Circa is just not my thing.
Dis set! So you dont know anything from Circa? Left after Touche?

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i gotta see this tour now. did they do anything off their splits with La Dispute or Casket Lottery?
The new song he's talking about and Whale Belly are from Casket Lottery split.
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