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Steve Vai -- Boston, MA -- September 13th, 2012

I had been waiting for this show for months because I had never seen Steve before and he is one of the main reasons I started playing guitar.

This was at the Wilbur Theater, a historic 1,200 capacity theater in the heart of Boston's Theater district on Tremont Street. Couldn't have booked a better venue for this show. Everyone was up close & personal and the sound was stellar.

Beverly McClellan opened the show. Apparently she was a contestant on The Voice. I don't watch the show, so I had no idea. She sounded amazing though, excellent voice.

The only downfall of the night was a major technical fuck up early in Steve's set that took almost a half hour to fix (it ended up being a faulty Wah pedal, of all things). Other than that, everything was amazing. Stellar musicianship & sound, killer setlist and a blast of a show.


1. Racing The World
2. Velorum
3. Building The Church
4. Tender Surrender (technical problems happened 3/4 through this song)

5. Acoustic solo (Dave Weiner) (Normally later in the set, moved up to pass some time due to tech issues)

Tender Surrender (ending)

6. Gravity Storm
7. Weeping China Doll
8. John The Revelator
9. The Moon & I
10. The Animal
11. Whispering A Prayer
12. The Audience Is Listening
13. Electric Harp Solo (Deborah Henson-Conant)

14. Rescue Me Or Bury Me (acoustic)
15. Sisters (acoustic)
16. Salamanders In The Sun (acoustic)
17. Pusa Road (acoustic)

18. Drum Solo (Jeremy Colson)
19. The Ultra Zone
20. Frank
21. Audience Member's Song (Steve pulled up a member of the audience and they wrote a song on the spot)
22. For The Love Of God

23. Taurus Bulba
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