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I was at this too. I had school til 3:00 though so I got there around the time Fozzy ended. My reviews:

P.O.D.: Didn't watch since I was waiting to meet Shinedown (I had a friend buy the album, he ripped the wristband off, and I stuck it on with a piece of gum. :p).

Adeltia's Way: I was surprised at how energetic they were. I have a friend who kept insisting they were good, so I can say I agree now that I saw them. Songs started to get bland near the end though. I got my only guitar pick of the day from them. 7.5/10

Staind: Third time seeing them. Probably the worst of the three times, but still good. Aaron looked bored most of the time though. Some of the newer, heavier songs kicked ass though. I actually wished they had played more of that heavy stuff. 7/10

Godsmack: Third time for them as well. However, long story short, I didn't have a good view for them either time, so this was my first real "in-the-pit" experience, and they were awesome! The energy in their songs translates really well in a live setting. The dueling drum solo is also always a plus. He took a bit too much time trying to get the crowd amped though. Best band of the day for sure. 8.75/10

Shinedown: This also my third time seeing Shinedown too (I had never seen any of these bands at the same show before though, so three times each is a coincidence). They were definitely solid. This was probably the second-best time seeing them. Lots of energy, no doubt. They really tried to connect with the audience, and they had a great stage production. They could have sounded a bit more tight, and could have made a couple better set choices (No Save Me? Really?), but still very fun. 8/10

I got to go for free, and paying for a pit upgrade was only $20, so it was definitely worth it. It was also nice to walk away with the signed Shinedown album and the Adeltita's Way pick.
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