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Uproar Festival -- Tampa, FL -- September 13th, 2012

Went to the Uproar festival, here's my review.
Soulswitch - The battle of the bands winner for our date, they impressed me, I think they definitely have the stuff to "make it", check them out if you like chevelle and breaking benjamin. - 6.5/10

Within Reason - They were good, just not really for me, if you like most rap-rock you might enjoy them. - 4/10

Mindset Evolution - Liked them a little, my only complaint is they completely ripped off a Foo Fighters song. - 5/10

Redlight King - By far the worst band of the day for me, nothing special about them (to me anyways). - 2/10

Thousand Foot Krutch - watched them from a distance, wasn't impressed, i think the only reason they've gotten the attention they have is because they're a "heavy" christian rock band, not to say it's bad they're a christian band, just bad that they basically milked the "christian rock" label to get their name out. - 4/10

Fozzy - Watched their set from a distance, Chris Jericho sounded great, i want to actually watch them one day. - 6/10

P.O.D - Only saw half of their set unfortunately, but i enjoyed what i saw, definitely want to see a full set some day. - 7/10

Adelita's Way - The crowd seemed to enjoy them but i didn't, they weren't bad, just nothing i haven't heard 100 times. - 5/10

Staind - My 2nd time seeing them, and they were flawless, every song sounded even better than it does on CD, Aaron Lewis is such a good vocalist live it's crazy, for those of you who say he's too "boring" of a vocalist, check them out live if you can, i guarantee you you'll be blown away. - 9/10

Godssmack - 3rd time seeing them in the last year, they're the same show every time but they're always fun, i just hope they change their setlist up a little next time. - 8/10

Shinedown - The band sounded great, they really interacted with the crowd unlikely any others I've seen, Brent Smith really connected with the crowd on a personal level, and as good as he sounds on CD, he's 10x better live, definitely check them out if you get the chance, they are a must see live band for rock fans. - 9/10
Stuff i got

Staind - Self Titled
POD - Murdered Love (signed)
Godsmack - Good Times, Bad Times: 10 Years Of Godsmack (signed)
Shinedown - Amaryllis.
Drum head signed by staind
drum head signed by Shinedown
poster signed by POD
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