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Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
I am writing a quick review mainly to give an update about the sound.

Swallow The Sun- How did they get on this tour? I call it the " Who blew who " tour. Moving on.

Accept- The sound was odd. The drums and bass were over mixed for the opener. During Hellfire the sound leveled out. During some early songs it seemed someone was pushing a decibel reducer button. Eventually the sound was corrected. Besides Peter's bass having a bit of feedback at one point, they sounded good. They were louder than Kreator. Same set as other shows. Merch was reasonably priced. Cool flag for sale!

Kreator- The sound was ok overall. Same set as NYC and Worcester. The band was, and of course is, awesome!!! I spoke with someone who went to Worcester and said the mix was not good. I agree. However, as the show went on the mix improved.

I wonder if the sound for these bands was lousy because the personnel doesn't have adequate time between bands to get it right? I don't know. The past two shows I saw at Metropolis sounded great.

I got to the venue late to miss STS, and the show was worth it!
Swallow The Sun > the other bands on this tour.
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