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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
In the tour book it sounds like Neil is not a big fan of Wish Them Well and the high vocal chorus part that just goes "Wish them well" was played from a tape in Bristow. Which was a little weird but the song was still great. I wonder if it will come back again or not.
I was surprised to see WTW in the set to begin with. I had read before the tour even started that Neil didn't like the song too much. I guess they figured since they're playing most of the album they would just try it out and see what happened.

I prefer if they dropped it because WTW isn't a song that should be played at all, let alone in a rotation. Carnies and Seven Cities are much better tunes and should be in the set every night. I don't say this too much since Rush are such great song writers, but WTW is easily one of the most generic, run of the mill sounding rock songs they've ever recorded.

I do like the new set. Ending every show with 2112 would just makes sense. I would drop Working Man for The Spirit Of Radio. I've seen Rush eight times and it just wouldn't seem like a Rush show to me without TSOR in it.
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