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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
They dont promote that great.
Which is sad because I remember back in the day, the mid 80s/early 90s, they used to run advertising spots all the time on when they were coming to the area. They used to have a spot every week on Prime Time Wrestling where they would advertise the upcoming shows. Weather it was here in Buffalo, Rochester or up in Canada like Toronto, St Chatherines or Hamilton, they would always let you know through radio and TV commercials when they would be in the genreal region. Obviously, the internet doesn't make that as much of a necessity now but it would still be nice to see/hear some advertising about an upcoming show. Especially when you consider how much money the WWE has, they can certainly afford a little bit to promote shows.

It was the same during the attitude era. There were commercials not only on RAW and Smackdown for local shows, but during other TV programs and a lot of radio advertisment. I read that Smackdown shows have been poorly attented for the last few years. If they do so little marketing for the brand nationwide, it's easy to see why that is.

The latest on Lawler is he suffered a heart attack and from the reports I read it appears as if he was clinically dead for a bit at the arena and they brought him back with difribulators backstage. He got some stents put in his body to help expand his viens and blood flow. It seems he's doing a lot better now and there was talk of him being sent home soon. The lesson here is, don't have a 62 year old man compete in a match with guys who are 30 years younger and in peak physical shape.