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36 Crazyfists -- Clinton Twp, MI -- September 11th, 2012

I got there a bit late & caught the last 4 songs by Know Lyfe. They're a really cool metal band from Lansing. Check em out! They were the local band on the Detroit date of MayhemFest this summer. Also, their singer helped book this tour w/ 36 Crazyfists in Michigan, so thank you very much!

Next up was Straight Line Stitch. I've seen em 6x now, and I like them a lot. They absolutely killed it last night! They really got the crowd into it and warmed us up for the headliners.

36 Crazyfists headlined. I've seen them a ton of times open for almost every band under the sun (Chimaira, Machine Head, Devildriver, Walls of Jericho, Slipknot, Trivium, In Flames, Fear Factory). However, I had never seen them headline. They're one of my favorite bands, so this was extra special for me. The set was incredible! They played so many songs that I've never seen em play before. This tour is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of their album BITTERNESS THE STAR, so they played most of that album straight through (except a few songs). I LOVED hearing "Circle the Drain" and "Turns to Ashes." Brock said this show felt like a house party b/c of the vibe. The crowd was really into their set, which always makes the show more fun. They damn near destroyed the room during "At the End of August." Toward the end of the set they asked for an audience request & played "Clear the Coast." Wow, what a show! Setlist:

In The Midnights
We Gave It Hell
I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
The Heart and the Shape
Turns to Ashes
One More Word
An Agreement Called Forever
Slit Wrist Theory
Two Months From a Year
Circle the Drain
Left Hand Charity
At The End of August
Will Put This In By Hand
Clear the Coast (audience request)
With Nothing Underneath
1/11 ABR
1/24 np
2/18 Silent Planet
2/23 ATB
3/1 ETID
3/17 BOO
4/1 BYD
4/7 & 8 KsE
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