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Primordial -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 11th, 2012

Phenomenal show in a tiny club (Kung Fu Necktie). I didn't catch the opening bands but we did get a chance to hang with Alan Averill (I bought him a shot of whiskey) beforehand in the bar area.

We had met Alan before and another friend of ours actually seems to know him pretty well and has been following the band on tour this time around. Anyway, they had nowhere to stay last night so they actually came out to our town about 30 minutes outside the city and crashed at my friend's house. Yes the entire band. They actually got up and left around 11 this morning apparently. We were hoping to be able to go to breakfast or something (we both took sick days) but they had to roll. Too funny.

Anyway, great set, though I was pretty inebriated for it I do remember it for the most part and I was able to snag the setlist off the stage for confirmation:

No Grave Deep Enough
Gods to the Godless
As Rome Burns
Lain with the Wolf
The Golden Spiral
The Mouth of Judas
Heathen Tribes
Bloodied Yet Unbowed
The Coffin Ships
Empire Falls

Here is a pic I took while drunkenly rocking out right in front of the stage:

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