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I won't start a thread for it but just to say I saw them last night in Montreal and it was fucking amazing. For 40 $ 2 bands like that was really a good investment. Well 80$ since I brought my son.

Both bands were so good I don't even know wich one I enjoyed the most. No sound problem for Accept they were fucking loud and cristall clear. I have to admit that it took 2-3 songs for Kreator to sort out the sound and they were not as loud as Accept for some reason.

Swallow The Sun are a good doom band but they should try to bill themselves with bands that fit them better. It was an odd choice of opener imho, the place was really quiet during their set.

Turnout was 700 according to a barmaid that works there so pretty dissapointing, first time I see the upstairs balcony closed for a show at Le Métropolis.

Killer show !

Same setlist with Betrayer in btw

Cheers !
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