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Rush- Freewill
Led Zeppelin- Houses of The Holy
Helloween- Halloween
High On Fire- Blood From Zion
Beherit- Black Mass Prayer
Pantera- Message In Blood
Eric B. & Rakim- Pass The Hand Grenade
Immortal- In My Kingdom Cold
Rainbow- Kill The King
Megadeth- Devil's Island
Outkast- SpottieOttieDopalicious
King Diamond- The Possession
Rush- Between The Wheels
Bob Marley- Positive Vibration
Overkill- In Union We Stand
Ozzy Osbourne- Slow Down
Dissection- At The Fathomless Depths
Bob Marley- Sun Is Shining
Morbid Angel- World of Shit
Van Halen- I'm The One
Burzum- Beholding the Daughters of Firmament
The Beatles- A Day In The Life
Helloweedn- Gorgar
Van Halen- Drop Dead Legs
High On Fire- Madness of An Architect
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