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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Assuming you've been to both, how does the SF Amoeba compare to the one in Hollywood? When I went to the one in Hollywood I was disappointed that 90% of the metal section was Back on Black reissues. I was very happy to find Cattle Decapitation's Humanure, but that was literally the only interesting thing in the whole section.
The SF Amoeba is fucking GLORIOUS. Easily the best record store in the bay, no question. They do carry a bunch of the shitty Back on Black reissues, but they have so much rare and cool metal stuff that it's worth it. They actually recently bought some dude's massive metal vinyl collection and they've slowly been selling it off in waves. There are so many old bands I've never even heard of in that collection. Even before they did that buy I found Nothingface by Voivod in there!

We have a chain of record stores up here in the bay called Rasputin's. The one in Berkeley always has 80s metal vinyl come through- if I feel like picking up some cool 80s metal vinyl, Rasputin's in Berkeley is always my first choice. I've bought almost every thrash record I own there. I even bought my Japanese Unleashed in the East there with the Obi still on the cover!

The Berkeley Amoeba is great for someone just getting into music or someone who is a casual fan of a lot of different styles- there's a huge quantity of music in the store and a ton of reasonably priced classic rock vinyl, but its metal selection is definitely lacking. Nothing rare, and they don't even stock a lot of really common releases.

There's another chain of stores called Streelight Records kind of scattered around the bay. The SF location sucks (their homoerotic DVD section is larger than their rock section), but the San Jose and Santa Cruz locations are both great. They're kind of the opposite of the Berkeley Amoeba. There isn't a big selection for people looking for just general music, but the more you start to get into rare stuff the cooler things you find there. They've had lots of really cool vintage vinyl come through, and they stock limited pressings of modern albums.

Rocco, I agree 100%- Vacation Vinyl rules. We have a store like that in SF, Aquarius Records. Tons of rare CDs and the place is stocked with music from the weirdest metal bands around. Vacation's a little pricey, but they're pretty much the only way to avoid overpriced shit on eBay.
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