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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I just found out GZA is performing all of Liquid Sword next month at the Observatory
Meh, I have seen Gza Perform Liquid Swords

August 2008 @ The El rey Theatre in Los Angeles

January 2009 @ The Echoplex

March 2009 @ the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa

August 2011 @ Rock The BELLS 2011. Hands down one of the greatest performances i have ever witnessed in my life. No other GZA performance will ever top this. Legendary performance. GZA just sounded fucking amazing.

August 2011@ Detroit Bar: It was GZAs birthday and he was wasted as fuck. He ended up pulling off a pretty horrible performance, and by the end of the set he was on the floor vomiting and hitting on people girlfriends. One fan even choked gza and ton of security came rushing in and had to stop the fight! A lot of crazy shit went down that night. Gza ended up getting carried out by Killah priest and a couple of security guards cause he was too wasted to move. So much for a good birthday! Ahahahah The detroit bar was fucking packed to the bone!!! But by the time it got near the end of the set there was only like 15 people. GZA pull what i would easily call one of the worst and most embarrassing performances ever. Piss poor performance by a piss faced drunk. He had one too many... :echo:

I'm gonna pass on the observatory show. Beside, Obituary is playing the night before at the key club and I really have my mind set on hitting that show up.

By the way chris, GZA is a major local in cali. He plays a shitload of times here in cali. It's almost tiring sadly. Mark my words, he will play at least 8-10 shows next year in southern cali alone. He has a shit ton of fan base down here and major love. I have never seen a gza show that is not full house. The Gza show at the Echoplex was more full than any metal show i have seen there. You can't even compare power of the riff, or the autopsy show to how packed the echoplex show is. its amazing how many times he plays here yet he still can sell the place down to the bone.
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